Most us are attracted with the Image or graphical videos present on Internet. Services like Pinterest took the advantages of such things and made a mark on it. When you visit Pinterest it is effort free content sharing, you just need to scroll down and view new updates. Then when you click on the link will be redirected to the root site.

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WordPress can be optimized in the Pinterest way, as there are many themes available which will give Pinterest view to the readers. If you focus mostly on visual content then such themes are best for you. What I would say is that, graphics attract more reader than content. The picture spread more information than only a text content, especially when you notice that infographics are shared like a viral and many find such picture embedded graphics more useful.

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So, in this post I have mentioned few themes which are like Pinterest and are for free. Please note, these themes are only similar to Pinterest not actual Pinterest. But, if you are graphic images sharing users feel free to download them and use it.


Demo     Download

Shaken and stirred

Demo        Download

The Columnist

Demo      Download


Demo        Download

Imbalance 2

Demo         Download

Minimal Theme

Demo     Download

Let me know the feedback of the theme, by dropping a comment.

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