Youtube is the most popular video sharing site. If you visit Youtube regularly, you will definitely get to know the reasons you are getting addicted to Youtube. The related videos is a most important reasons you get trapped into viewing other videos. Since, Youtube is powered by Google many times you will notice that Google only shows video search result which end up in Youtube. So it is better you get taste of Youtube with its shortcuts, tips and tricks.

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There are many of us who are not aware of the things that Youtube gives to its users, as many things are still in Beta versions. I think which will go live soon. So today, I am sharing few tips and tricks about Youtube which I think you should be very well aware of and make maximum use of it. These are features provided by Youtube for its users.

Helpful Youtube tips and tricks –

TrendDashboard: this is a place where you can get all the videos which are mostly viewed and commonly shared. You can even compare the videos being trending in different location with up to three comparisons allowed. It also gives you an option to check out the video according to the age groups. As different age groups has different preferences of watching and sharing videos.

Feather: This feature is always helpful when you are facing bad Internet speed from your ISP. By activating this option on Youtube you can reduce the latency which means you do not have to wait more time till the video is getting spooled. It tries its best to get maximum packets out of minimal download.

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Leanback: This is a very good feature added to Youtube, and is only intended to lazy users like me. It helps you to play, search and you even get related videos which you can watch without using the mouse or any pointing device can easily avoid cursors and scrolls. This feature only uses your computer/laptop keyboard to watch videos on Youtube.

HTML5 video player: when you run a video, you need to get Adobe Flash player plugin or extension installed in your browser. But this is very time-consuming when you have to get Adobe Flash installed to watch video, you can avoid this by running the video in HTML5 interface which do not need Adobe support. So I recommend you to join the HTML5 support from Youtube rather than depending on Adobe to run a video.

Disco: This option is intended to all the music lovers. You can search for your favorite music artist, make a playlist and add music of the similar kind of music by mixing it. This playlist can be saved in your user profile which you can hear anytime you log in to Youtube.

I hope now you will enjoy visiting Youtube with maximum options explored to you. Feel free to share your experiences by using these features and drop a comment regarding it.

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