Wikipedia is the powerhouse of knowledge shared by many. Wikipedia is the best online encyclopedia, which has a good collection of information. Search engines fetch most of the content from Wikipedia and the data is maintained very well by the volunteers all around the world. It has 22 million articles and is available in almost 285 languages. Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in January 2001 and is supported by a non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

Once you get addicted to Wikipedia you won’t stick to anything else. But, have ever wondered what could happen if Wikipedia is not at all available. There are times in urgency, if sources like Wikipedia is not available to us. There is a solution to it. You can easily access offline Wikipedia English version which includes 2000 pages in a ISO format, but it comes with a cost. So in this article I am going to tell you the ways you can access offline Wikipedia free of cost or feel free to get WikiReader. Recently, Wikipedia was down which made me noticed this option.

Ways to download wikipedia offline.

Kiwix – is a free offline wikipedia reader. To access this you need to download the software and install it. Then you need to add the ZIM format file to the Kiwix software by which it will directly extract the contents of the Wikipedia and show you a full list of library. You can download the ZIM formatted file directly or via torrent. This makes it little different from others. The best part is that you use Kiwix in Windows, Mac and even in Linux.

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Okawix – this software is available in almost 253 languages and makes offline Wikipedia reading more easy without Internet. Okawix also helps you to download other WikiMedia Foundation project like Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks. This software is available on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. This makes the users little more comfortable as most of the Wiki is sourced with one software. Torrents are also available.

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WikiTaxi –  is the most popular of all. This tool does not need to be installed, than you need to download the Wikipedia dump and extract the file directly to WikiTaxi. This software makes it simple for its user by extracting the XML format of the Wikipedia. You can download Wiki dumps and import it to WikiTaxi. Images will not included in the and full text version will be available. This software is only available on Windows platform.

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Last time, I was stuck when I needed the Wiki information. I hope you won’t miss any Wikipedia information when most needed. Feel free to drop a comment if you think this article has helped you.

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