We all are familiar with Microsoft. As it is the easiest Operating System, which makes you addicted and dependant to all its supporting softwares. Users try to get the starting taste of computers from Microsoft and become expertise in Linux/UNIX. Easy availability of software and supportive to most of the files makes it favorite among others.

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen is the brain behind billion dollar company Microsoft which was formed on 4th April 1975. Year past away and Microsoft touched millions and millions, who changed the face of technology. Today Microsoft gets a new face for its future vision.

Lets check out how Microsoft Logo evaluated with ages of time.

Initial Microsoft Logo at 1975.

Microsoft “Blibbet” logo which was introduced on August 1982-87.

Microsoft “Pac-Man” logo came by 1987 which was designed by Scott Baker. In this logo the alphabet “O” was given a shape of Pac Man.

Microsoft later added a slogan to its logo from 1994-2002. This slogan was added “Where do you want to go today?”.

Microsoft changes its slogan with the same logo which stayed 2006-2011. The slogan was “Your potential. Our passion.”


Till last year Microsoft was playing with the same logo but different slogan which stayed till 2011-2012. The last slogan updated was “Be What’s Next.”

Finally yesterday 23rd August 2012, Microsoft realized to remove all the slogan and get a fresh look and added a new logo to its history. This logo symbolizes the “world of digital motion” and Microsoft’s “diverse portfolio of products.”


This new logo has a touch of all its new products which was introduced recently. The products meant the new operating system Windows, Office, Xbox and mobile platform. Microsoft enters into digital era with bringing all its product interdependent and more user-friendly.

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