The number of users in India is increasing at a rate of 20.31% on Facebook, being the biggest social network site it has to process trillions of data every day (and we are underestimating the figures). EdgeRank is the equation which this social network uses to process humongous amount of activity data generated by people, pages and applications. It is this ranking process that decides which stories will be shown and which ones will be ignored.

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EdgeRank of an activity (activity is not limited to a like, share, comment, tagging) is calculated on various terms. It is the algorithm behind all the updates which you view on your Facebook. EdgeRank decides whose status has to be ranked up on your profile.

EdgeRank is calculated on the bases of:

Affinity: Affinity, in simple terms, is the relationship of a user with the page or Facebook profile(or friend) that carried out an activity. It is anything from a user liking an update to a friend tagging your picture. Better the engagement between two users, better the engagement, better the affinity score. You might have noticed that the more you visit any of your friends profile the more updates you get from that friend, until they have added you a the restricted group. The profiles you visit less, you get least updates until your friends or friends of friends boost up their profile by liking or sharing.

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Weight: Weight, as the term suggests, is the level of importance a story has. The weight of the story is a direct result of the type of story, whether it is a photo upload or a question answered. Each specific action has a particular weight, and addition of these weights decided the level of importance a story is to a person. Facebook has been in favour of the rich media content, and from time to time, keeps introducing something new (Questions, Facebook Offers, etc.)

Time decay: The third factor which affects the EdgeRank is the time decay or time lag of the action taken. It is the age of the post or action. In simple words, the newer the most, more points it gets. Once the status has been updated it will lose the importance as the time passes by and new status update will lead the old status. So you need to update the status more frequently with all your updates to be an eye catcher and seek others attention. This makes you more familiar among others.

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