When you use Internet, Email ID is the only Identity with you. So it is always better to use that email ID which is easy to remember and which are the most fancy one. Your email ID is passed on to all the channels of Internet. That is the reason I prefer you to have an email ID which is always a cool and funky ID among all.

Few days back I came across a site which provides you more than 100 fancy domain names. Earlier I had made such email ID with coolhotmail which was a part of hotmail, but since it does not give such options anymore and gives an error on that site. That made me look for the alternative to make such email IDs.

The site mail.com, is now a days the most popular site to give a fancy email ID with a custom domain. The domain names available with mail.com gives you many options which will help you get a good and unfamiliar email ID. Available email IDs domain are consultant.com, dr.com, cheerful.com, techie.com, lawyer.com, engineer.com, chef.net and many more.

I have got my new email ID. One best part is that the email IDs are free, and I have tried the service from the mail hosting part also. It helps you to make this email ID as your primary email ID, since it gives an option to collect emails from other email service providers. Spam filter is also bit tough for spammer to get into my Inbox.  Am sure, if you get all your emails at one portal there is no need to visit other email ID separately.

So go ahead and feel free to make an email ID which is new and the most uncommon among all. Click here to start with the registration.

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