We all know how Internet plays a vital role in our lives. The addiction has brought us into a  phase in which we won’t be able to access Internet from our computers or any other devices. The use and the need has made us addicted to it. This can be better said as the authorities who assign IP ran out of address.

I am sure you have a good understanding that how could that affect you? If you do not have any idea regarding it then I shall tell you that to connect any device with each other or to connect with the Internet, you need to have a IP(Internet Protocol) Address for your device. All your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and various servers which transfer data from one device to another is identified with their IP addresses. So without IP address it is not possible to stay interconnected.

Recently, many scientists and researchers were working such that this world of Internet does not come to an end. The work boosted up when Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA) published a release about the shortage of Internet Registries. As the research for this started at 1996,  finally on 6 June 2012 they launched IPv6.

As the concept of Internet connectivity was designed in 1973 and launched in 1983. The Internet was in Beta version which has now taken its mark to Meta version. It has many features added to itself and given a new power to reach all the users. Earlier it could accommodate only 2^32 address that could end up in about 4.3 billion. But now with the thinking of taking the experiment more powerful. The IPv6 has a broad limit of 2^128 address and can also be termed as 340 trillion, trillion, trillion.


With the launch of IPv6 many company like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Cloudfare, Godaddy have already adopted the changes. This will increase the performance of interconnected networking. To get a better performance our ISP(Internet service providers) have to move on to IPv6. The cost may be factor which may slow down the conversion, but when the available technology for you will only be available with IPv6 ISP’s will not be left with any other option than migrating to IPv6.

It will take time to get the changes applied till it reaches our end. The devices will definitely get new firmware update which will help us to get a better option to manage Internet and access it with ease.

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