There are many of us who use Google Docs in our daily use. Google Docs allows you to make all your Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets etc. Google recently added Google Drive to itself, which helps you to store all your files at one place like a normal drive does and can be added to our machines like Dropbox.

Google recently added a new research pane to all its Google Docs users. This Research pane helps you to do a search while you are working in Google docs. The main advantage of this pane is that you need not have to switch the tabs when you are working on the Google Docs, as it is a in-built feature in Google Docs and it saves a lot of time.

To start with Research pane in Google Docs you need press Ctrl+Alt+R on Windows or Cmd+Alt+R on Mac. This tool can be found at the right side of the Google Docs window. This is a very good tool which helps you to do a search in Google, Images, Quotes and scholars as of now. You may add anything you like by directly dragging the image or inserting it manually.

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