How to use Samsung Galaxy Note as a Wireless Router
How to use Samsung Galaxy Note as a Wireless Router

Samsung Galaxy Note is capable of many features and many of such features allow us to play with in-built options of the phone. I must say when you start exploring the new features you will be addicted to Samsung Galaxy Note and of course Android community. The level Android community has brought its users is well appreciable because there is hardly any other mobile phones operating system which has a huge database of application support in it.

If you are using a laptop and you want to connect to the Internet through wireless device a.k.a Wi-fi, chances of you getting irritated due to problem in network are very high. You might have often faced such issues when you are not able to connect to the wireless device or you are out of the network range because you are away from the wireless device. Connection in such situation drops very frequently. This makes us helpless especially when you are halfway through sending an important mail to a client.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note user, or if you have a Galaxy Note around, you can temporarily solve this problem by making your Samsung Galaxy Note as a Wireless device. This will save your time in making the document more faster by accessing various resource like Internet, files on Hard disk, verifying with other documents etc.

How can you make the Samsung Galaxy Note as a Wi-fi hotspot temporarily?

The Galaxy Note uses its Internet connection to connect various systems to the web, and thus, works as a router bridging the gap. Samsung Galaxy Note can only perform well if you are using a good Internet service, I mean at least a 3G service.

In order to convert your Note into a router, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to settings and select Wireless and Network.
  2. Select ‘Tethering and Portable hotspot from the menu
  3. Once you are in the Tethering menu, select the check box beside the option ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. As soon as you select the check-box, you get a prompt which clearly states that the amount of power consumption will be high.
  5. Once the check-box has been selected, you can either check the settings for more information, or connect your laptop to the new wi-fi router that will be shown in the list.
  6. Connect and browse.

How to use Samsung Galaxy Note as a Wireless Router

Please Note: Even though this is a great way of working when the Internet is down, try to use this feature as little as possible, as the power consumption with this feature is very high. It will take no time to drain out the battery. This option is a life-saver when you need an Internet at urgent basis. If you are around with friends or colleagues you can easily connect it in a group, but the only limitation is that this option supports only 8 connections at a time.

So let your Samsung Galaxy Note be the new Wireless hub in your need.

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