Last Thursday(17th May 2012) morning we got the news that ISPs(Internet service providers) are blocking various sites that are used for piracy. Thanks to a court order pushed by Copyright Labs, a Chennai-based firm at the Madras High Court. Vimeo, Pirate Bay, are just a couple of names in the list.

A copy of the John Doe’s order, dated 29th of March, 2012 has confirmed that the Chennai-based firm secured the order. The reason for stopping the file sharing was that the movies Dhammu(Telugu) and 3(Tamil- remember the Kolaveri D song?) were released on Friday. This step was taken to stop piracy. The court order also lists the Indian ISPs which are bound to block the ISPs completely.


By Thursday evening, tweets and videos by a hacktivist group(as they prefer calling themselves) Anonymous was making rounds on the Internet. Anonymous is the same group which had a very good role in SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA(Protect online piracy act). Last time when US government blocked a popular file sharing site Megaupload, Anonymous hacked into the FBI’s official sites. This time they had a small announcement for Indian Government. Check out the Tweet mentioned below and followed by a video message.

So what next? Is this the start of a new fight?

Hopefully not, but if it is, it will be a big one. Imagine one of the most aggressively developing nations versus a group that wants Internet justice. Soon we can expect a Wikileaks style cyber war. Both teams trying to get into each other’s systems and bringing them down.

As you read this, a list of targets have been made by the organization. Soon we can expect more uproar from Anonymous. Also, if the government does think of a counter attack, they would need a lot more than just ‘IT officials’ who are bound and gagged by rules. If government does go at war without knowing who these guys are(as I guess? They are pretty big!), they might be sending a troop of kids with sticks against a well trained army. In the end, irrespective of how the websites of Indian government are or how they work, Anonymous did take the credit of bringing down the websites of Supreme Court and AICC, and that, is a very big thing. Can’t stop such things but I must say no one has a right to stop others thinking and share what they want to. If you feel it is not for you then better you don’t take it or simply apply in your life.

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