This article is dedicated for all my friends who don’t know about Torrents. Heard a lot about Torrents, but still have no idea what is it all about? How can you use it to download software, games, movies and various applications.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are the file sharing platforms. It stores information about the target file to be downloaded like file size, availability and little more description about the file. This Torrent file is associated with the file you want to download. This file which you need to download is distributed in the network of Internet from where the chunks of files are downloaded on your computer and adds up serially and forms a single file which can be accessed easily.

How Torrents work?

Torrents works on Peer to Peer(P2P) environment. In P2P network, the file is passed from one computer to another which also forms many chains in reaching your computer. This P2P network distributes the files on various computers and allows you to download it from different sources. This also helps to distributes the load of downloading the file than allowing you a direct download from a particular source. It automatically adjusts the shortest path from where the file can be downloaded quickly.

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How to use Torrents?

First of all you need to download a Torrent client, from which the Torrent file will be connected to the Internet. This application will help the Torrent file to download the required details of the file to be downloaded. Once the Torrent file is added to this application, it will also track the download usage from various source and link up with the best source for you. Then within few minutes you can notice the file getting downloaded.

But the major factor is played by the Internet speed you are getting in your computer. If the speed is good you would download things faster because speed would differ due to various source of download.

Quick shots to start using Torrents.

1> Download Torrent client from utorrent and install it.

2> Search for Torrents from Torrentz (search engine for Torrents).

3> For example if you have searched for Ubuntu. You will get a lot of links regarding it.

4> Open the link with good strength of seeders(which can be seen on the right side of the given links).

5> When you click on the required searched link, there will be few Torrent providers shown. Please note DO NOT click on the link which reads Direct Download.

6> Click on any of the Torrent providers link. For example I clicked on the Pirate Bay link which is redirected to new page.

7> Click on the link which reads GET THIS TORRENT or DOWNLOAD VIA TORRENT.

8> Once the Torrent file is downloaded, open the utorrent software installed on your system.

9> Add the this downloaded torrent file to the utorrent application. Specify the location where the file to be downloaded or it will get downloaded to default location.

10> In the graph below under the General Tab you can check the download status of the file. Further you may apply pdf to html converter.

Enjoy downloading Torrent. Hope you liked reading this article.

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