I felt to post this article because my friend was trapped with BlackBerry phones, he used two BlackBerry phones in his life and shifted to Android phone. The best part of BlackBerry is that it allows users to take backup and restore all the contacts and the settings in such an easy way that users are addicted to the BlackBerry phones.

But when your last BlackBerry phone is not working and you have a .ipd format file as a backup of your BlackBerry phone. To restore the file you don’t need to buy another BlackBerry phone, you can simply open the .ipd backup file with the help of MagicBerry. MagicBerry is free software to open BlackBerry .ipd format files.

MagicBerry can open all the saved SMS, casino online Phone Call logs, Address book, Tasks, Calender, image and audio files. The tool helps us to export these files easily. To use MagicBerry you need to download the freeware and open the .ipd file by clicking File > Open and locate the .ipd file. It will extract all the saved details from the file.

Please note this tool is still a beta version and new features are still under development. This software runs on mostly all the windows platform.

Click here to download MagicBerry.

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