In the world of cloud computing you need not carry all your documents in your pen drives or external storage. But, if you are fond of movies you may still need to get an external storage for you to keep all your collections at one place. There are a lot of features on cloud which means that your data is available to you at any time any where.

Google has rolled out with Cloud drive which is the new additional feature to most of the Google users. This gives a very tight competition to other cloud providers like Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Box and many others.

Google drive is more like Google docs, where you can manage the Documents, Spreadsheet, Presentations and can be sorted well with the help of Collections. These documents can be shared easily by a link when you have to share with another email ID.

Features added to Google drive.

Format support: Google drive support more than 30 formats. This means almost all your files formats. When you open any file it opens up in your browser.

Google Docs is the extra space: Google doc works as an extra space for you. That means if you have worked on Google docs and saved the document in Google drive. It won’t count on the drive space.

Search option: Can easily locate a lost file in the drive. This search option is like the Google doc search option which includes the format search too.

Third party tool: It supports third-party tool which can be downloaded from the Google Play and install it in Google Chrome. These third-party applications are Docusign(used for signatures), SlideRocket(used in presentations), Hellofax(for faxes), Lucidchart(online diagram tool), Mindmeister(another mind mapping tool).

Cross platform support: Supports PC, Mac and Android. It is mainly targeted for tablets users. It will soon be available for iPad.

Make Interactive files: You can add comments to your files, which will be giving you more interactive approach to the files saved in Google drive. The version history is a very good tracking tool to make the file track the edited versions of the files.

Share files: The sharing of files can be done by providing the links to others. You can even share a whole folder to others by giving it public access.

Storage pricing plans of Google Drive.

Storage Space

Monthly Plan



















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