Cricket is considered as a religion in India, from gully to stadiums, cricket is considered as the lifeline of Indian youth and elderly alike. Also, with the launch of IPL, the sport has reached new heights with less time and more engagement of fans.

cricket empires
Cricket Empires

Playup, with the launch of IPL 5, has announced the launch of its new social game “Cricket Empires”, which adds another dimension to the game.

Cricket Empire can be very well called as a crossover between games like city and t20 cricket, along with cricket betting sites in on the action. It is a game where the users not only have to develop the sports city, but also buy, train and strategically use players to win matches. You can play here and build your own empire and also improve your cognitive thinking.

The game is based on two main concepts. In the first part, the users have to build various buildings, etc such as gymnasium, jogging park, team office, etc. where players can train and work out. The user, through this process, trains and increases XP of players while earning money. He can use this money for buying players, building and sustaining a team, setting up matches and building more structures.

Cricket Empires City
Cricket Empires City

The second aspect of the game, which lies around strategically choosing players, training them and setting up the team in order to win matches, is more of a strategy based. In this part, the user has to use his knowledge about the player, team, and opponents team players in order to play a match. The user needs to know what players he is choosing and why, and once he is ready with his team, he can start planning matches with other users.

One of the most interesting and unique feature of the game is that it extracts latest performance statistics of various players and integrate It. Thus, if Virender Sehwag is not doing well, his performance in the game will also go down. This game provides a platform for fans to play among friends and other people (just like Cityville and Mafia wars).

Cricket Empires Team

As the game deals with realtime social updates, the statistics of the game is also shared on Facebook and Twitter it adds up users with same interest. Being a Cricket lover and a social networker you can easily add up your friends to get more competition in the game and keep you at the edge of the seat.

We request a feedback on the game, check the link “here” and do write your feedback in the comments.

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