You may have noticed that the term Cloud Computing as a new buzz in the world of computers. You may have heard a lot about it. Some say it is Internet based computing another few say it is working online. Don’t be confused it’s almost the same thing.

Cloud Computing is a mix of products and services. When you start using cloud computing you will realise, it is actually accessing of data and using of services remotely with the help of Internet. This simply means that all your data and software are placed in some other servers (termed as Data centers) in some other location which you are accessing and using them remotely sitting in your office or home with of course a good Internet connection. The logic behind Cloud Computing is that you simply don’t need to grow a Mango tree to get a Mango fruit.

There are many companies who provide such services. There may not be much difference in services because difference comes when companies have to compromise on few things. You will notice mostly cloud computing providers are big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Salesforce etc.


Uses of Cloud Computing

Data Safety: As all your data is with the companies who are hosting the services, you need not worry about the data loss. These companies have many solutions to protect your data and they even care more than you.

Centralised Data Storage: As you may have many people working on different location you don’t need to have different servers and IT setup in each location. All your compiled data can be stored at one location.

No Licence Cost: If you are using the services from Cloud hosting company. You need not purchase the licence for using various software as they all taken care by provider. This may include server, Client access licence and various software. You only need to pay a one time payment according to your use.

Provides required applications: You need to inform Cloud hosting companies the requirement and the nature of application. They will get the customized interface for the application according to your demands. As they provide CRM(customer relationship management) and enterprise solutions.

No server maintenance: If there is any problem with the server, the cloud hosting company will look after it. Any upgrades or installation to be done from there end which you don’t need to know.

Data Backup: As all your data will be with the cloud hosting companies, you need not worry about the data backup. As these companies have much better backup solutions than you.

No system down time: As the data and the management is with the cloud hosting companies, they have various ways to avoid system down time. They have many servers working at their end so they are involved in to solutions like load balancing, clustering, mirroring. If one server is down it may transfer all your users to it’s another server which result in no system down time.

Anytime anywhere access: Since the data is stored in a remote location you can easily access the data from anywhere anytime, you need to have your computer and an Internet connection handy.

Monitor your business: You can track the working of all your employees by getting a full list of things which are completed by them at end of the day. This helps you to track the employees for their time-sheets.

Good Support: Since the management of the data and the working of the servers is provided by the Cloud hosting company, you can expect a team of skilled professionals and a very good response time.

These all features adds up together and give you a better performance to the solution you are using now.

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