When you are working in a company or a place where there are many computers connected you are added to a domain. There are many nodes connected to each other through network. This network is very useful in connectivity of the systems and data transfer from one computer to another.

I am writing this blog because I had great fun doing this today. This is more fun when you are an administrator and having fun with various users in the network. It is not that hard to do, but to manage the user after his/her systems shutdown has to be done neatly.

Firstly, you need to Go to START button on the bottom left and open the RUN window. On the RUN window, you need to type CMD and hit on OK. You will notice the a black screen window opened, which is the command prompt.
Then you need to check the list of users connected to the network. To do this type “net view” (without codes). As soon you hit Enter button it will show the users.
Now, you need to type “shutdown -i”(without codes) and hit Enter. It will prompt a new window.
Click on the Add button and start adding the list of computer you need to shut down. Either you need to give the IP address of the system or the system name.
Once the name is added, you need to give the reason why you want to restart the machine. Give any of the reason and click OK.
Then it will show in command prompt that the command given has been successfully executed. In this way you can easily play with other connected computers in the network.

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