Social Media has made us addicted to Internet. Where you can find almost all your friends and family updating Social Networking sites. Joining them is fun and enjoy chatting with loved ones is more fun.

When you are in to professional life, you need to be professional especially when you are dealing with clients. So whenever you send a mail it should be in a much formatted way and be a formal mail. This should also have a formal signature at the end of the mail. By doing so you are also making others aware that on which all online platforms you are available. I would suggest that you should show only those links or ID’s which you use often, do not give any dormant account details.

So how to make a Email signature?

Email Signature is a part of email which includes Your name, Mobile number, other contact information. I would be showing how you can make a email signature in Gmail.

Step 1> You need to download your favorite Social Media Icon and re size it according to the placement of icons.

Step 2> Then you need to login to your Gmail account and go to the Mail setting option on the extreme top right of the Gmail interface.

Step 3> Under the General Tab when you scroll down you will find the option called Signature. There you need to give your Contact information like Mobile number.

Step 4> After that you give the share image link which I have done via Drop box. You can also place these social media icons in your web hosted servers.

Step 5> Make the hyperlinks of the Image inserted on Gmail signature.

Step 6> Save the settings and Compose a Mail, you will find the Social Media icons in your signature.

Please feel free to comment if you stuck in any step.

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