If we like any applications on Internet we try and then start using it. Most of the sites allow us to access the application once we login to the application site. For such access you can directly link your other accounts to this application site which doesn’t require any authentication and allows you to use the app.

This is because they directly access all your information from the linked sites. After linking site like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google account etc you are least concerned about the application. If you like the application you can use it frequently or this linked account goes dormant. But the access to your account can lead to something seriously wrong.

I have two examples to share in this blog. I am an avid twitter user, I start using the app which are a new startup. I gave the twitter authentication to logging in to the application. This application automatically sends a tweet regarding the application on my profile as I logged in, latter it started sending tweets of paid users links from my profile. I then manually revoked the permission. Same sort of thing happened in Facebook few months as my friends  send a request for application and games. Once I accepted the game request, and it started sending my scores, sharing my photos on various game levels which made revoking the permission and closing the app from my profile.

Try mypermissions.org to check all application that have access to your account and misusing it by annoying all your friends. My permission supports Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google,  Instagram, Foursquare, Aol and Familio.

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