When you want to work on both the Operating Systems like Windows and Linux, it is often difficult for you to work on both, at the same time. Even if you run the OS, it can be either by dual-boot system or you need to install software like VMWare or Virtual Box. But when you run any operating system in VMWare or Virtual Box you need to share the system resources and gradually your system becomes slow. In such situations even the switching between tab becomes slow.

To overcome such situation, Coriolis Technologies came up with VMXRay in which you can run OS in your browser. It gives you HTML5 interface in which it uses Tiny Linux virtual machine to start-up and work on it. If you are using VMWare or Virtual Machine, it also reads file formats like vmdk(VMWare), vdi(Oracle Virtual Box) and ISO files. The supported Filesystems are ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT and NTFS. This helps you to mount the file image to start working on the browser. As you run commands in browser data is not passed on the network because it just work as an emulator.

The best part is that it gives you GUI and CUI version which gives you a choice to work on any platform you wish to work. You may not perform all the functions as you do on the operating system live but you can use all the data and perform the basic steps. If you think that using the OS in your browser may slow down your machine then you are wrong, because it works in the same speed as you visit any other website.

Now I have started using VMXRay rather than doing a dual-boot. Click here to visit the site and check out the features in it.

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