As you all know Ubuntu is a Linux flavor and is very catchy for the users. If you are a Windows user then it may take some time to get use to Linux. But I can assure you that it is more fun than using Windows. Linux or Unix Operating Systems never hide anything from you like Windows does in its Registry.

Opensource does not mean that it is not secure. This is the reason, Ubuntu only allows you to make users login, not a root user(for all the Windows user, I shall tell you that root is considered as most privileged user in Linux and Unix the same as administrator user in Windows). So the role of the root user comes in play only when you have to do functions like installing, upgrading, restart through Terminal etc.

To get the root privilege you need to go to Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal. Once the Terminal window is open you need to give a switch user command by typing “sudo -s”, it will then ask for your password. As you put your password it will change you to a root user.

Now, how could you know that you are a root user? When you have logged in to the Linux OS with your ID, in the Terminal window it will use “$” for the user and Linux or Unix will always use “#” for root users. Check the image to get a better idea about it.

I prefer not to use Root user to perform all your daily working task. As it may not even prompt any message before processing the command[HJFVS28KQY89].