(This is a real story, and does not relate to anybody dead or alive. I really apologize for late blog post as you are very well aware of the laziness you get during the busy Christmas holiday ‘seasoned’ with winters).

I was very happy as Christmas (2011) was on a Sunday when one could avoid the rush and get a chance to attend the Evening service on Saturday and above all I was more excited of the idea of going out with friends to enjoy the Christmas Party. That’s the only time when I am allowed to spend time & have dinner out of the house.

I was on time for the evening service and was continuously staring at my watch so that I can join my friends as soon as possible. I saw the beautiful faces entering into the church to attend the melodious service in the hope of seeing the baby Christ in the manger again.

After the service, to celebrate Christmas with my friends we planned to visit Select City Walk (a nearby Mall). I must say Delhi crowd is so active at 10:30pm, no matter what age group they belong. You can find a five month old to 70yrs old man at the Mall, not to see the mall but to enjoy the food & ambience.

After a lot of discussion, we finally decided to enter KFC outlet at the Mall. As usual we were confused as what to order as KFC has so much different varieties to offer. Well, we finally went for the so called ‘Fiery Grilled Chicken drums’.

It took some time for the Fiery Grilled Chicken to reach us as the crowd begins to show. When the bucket arrived at our table, the table itself became a battle ground. It’s truly said in KFC’s ad ‘When the fiery juicy chicken goes in, the fire comes out’. They seem to be grilled and marinated in a sauce which was so tangy and delicious. I really liked the extra size of these chicken pieces; Believe me they were much larger than the regular KFC pieces. I am sure that the herbs & the stuff used in making this must be difficult to find. I must say & I am quiet proud to say that we had to order extra six pieces to finally wind up our Christmas party at KFC. It was a pure eating competition which made us mad for KFC’s Fiery Chicken. That day I was really thankful to God for making me an Omnivorous.

 KFC`s fiery grilled chicken, all seems to be a ‘sinful temptation’ which you wanna try again n again.


And we couldn’t stop singing the song that came to our mind after our Christmas Party:

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
had Grilled Chicken on the way
Oh, what fun it is to bite
When you find another piece on the tray!

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