Google recently brought Google Plus which is more of Facebook and added a new role to your social searches and social media. But Google does not had any social networking stuff for business or commercial purpose. Finally few days back Google came up with Google Plus Pages for business.

Google Plus Pages is same as Facebook pages. But Google Plus Pages would be more web dominating according to me. My simple question for you is “Will Google search Google Plus Page or Facebook Page in its priority results?”  Of course it will gives us Google Plus Pages as its top search results. You can promote things more easily casino online with pages and Google 1 options.

How can you create a Google Plus Page?

To get a Google Plus Page you don”t have to wait till you get an invitation. This time Google has made things more simpler. You need to visit this link and here you go. Start your own page. To make a page you need to add your page to a category specified there. Give few details about the page you intend to make. I made a Google Plus Page for my blog( please add my page to your circles to get further blog updates.

One advantage I found about Google Plus Pages is that it gives the admin an option to create circles and if admins want to send updates to the specified groups they can easily send it. Disadvantage is that you cannot share your admin right to any other user. Google may add this feature in future but as if now no such option is available. More options and features to be added for analytics.

You can even add a Google Plus Page badge to you site. To get a badge you need to visit the developers page.

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