Many times we have to share our social updates in various platforms. But each time you have to open the site, do a authentication with our credentials and manually update the status. This is very boring and most of the time you think let the Twitter update stay in Twitter only, especially if you are a lazy person like me.

To overcome such situations there are many applications and the one I found is It basically adds the extension or the addon to your browser which helps us to share updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The privacy options are also taken care of as whenever you post anything from Twitter, it will be shared to Facebook which is posted among your friends, not a public post and for Google Plus it ask to which all circle you want to share your updates with.

As it supports almost all the browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, you need to install the extension and link up your accounts with Publish Sync. The next time whenever you update your status from Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, it will show the options to share the updates with other services.

Click here to visit the site and start sharing your updates in one click.

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