Tablets, always shake you whether its in a form of medicine or a electronic gadget. I think technology is evolving around us and we are getting use to it, few knowingly and more of unknowingly. I must say these days tablet PC is in a great demand. Its has all the features you wish to have. Desktop PC would be out dated soon, once the corporates get the feel of Tablets and social networking.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is a android Tablet which has amazing features and a very good sleek and thin body. The touch and feel of Galaxy Tab is very addictive.

There is lot of competition between companies bringing new Tablets in the market. But still I get to hear such questions:

What is a Tablet?

Tablet PC is a mixed experience of a Notebook and PDA (personal digital assistance). Tablet PC’s complete all the needs of the personal computer. You can run application, games, watch movies, listen to music, enjoy social networking and many more. The best part is that its very handy, you can use it like your mobile phone. Your Tablet can have any operating system like an Android, Windows, Web OS, Mac OS X etc. Sleek but faster accessibility while using is the attracting part of Tablets.

How is a Tablet useful for me?

I would say Tablets are the giant phones fulfilling all the features you need. Let me take the example of Samsung Galaxy Tab, it has Android OS fully supported by Google and gives a multi supported environment for apps. Thin and sleek with a widescreen and very good design which is stylish. You can make and receive calls and it also supports 3G for faster internet accessibility. WiFi is another features which gives life to your social networking world. Play games when you get bored. Complete your work rather than getting into the workstation with the help of Quickoffice. Have built in speakers and camera. In short, its all in one.

Features to be noted while buying a Tablet.

Since, Tablets are little expensive you will try to get the best from the market. First thing you notice is about the design of the Tablet. Opt for a good design, thin and sleek model with a widescreen. The processing of applications depend on the RAM which may vary from 256MB to 1GB and processor speed now a days available is 1Ghz with dual or single core processor. Go for a multi-touch interface which allows you to register three or more touches simultaneously. Even Operating System plays a important role especially, when you are going for a Android device. Android version 2.1 or lower versions does not support flash files and games, which becomes annoying many times. Go for Android 2.2 or new versions which supports flash and flash enabled games. Another factor to keep in mind is the storage for the Tablets, it comes from 4GB to 64GB in SSD(solid state drive). The more you want to store then, the price increases accordingly. There will be a camera at the back, but look for front facing camera for video chat and video conference. If you are going for 7 to 10 inches Tablet, check for Bluetooth option as it really helps to connect another Bluetooth hands-free devices.

Bottomline: As a Linux lover, my personal advice is to go for a Android device and these days Samsung is leading in providing such devices. Samsung Galaxy Tab is simply awesome.

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