Taking the backup of the data is very important, as we don’t know if something goes wrong we cannot retrieve our data back. Google is launching many new services these days like Google Voice search, WDYL(What Do You Love?) and many more.

Recently Google launched a service in which it allows its users to take the backup of all the data used in the Google ID which includes Contacts, Profile, Buzz, Picasa, Stream and Circles (started recently with GooglePlus).

To start with this service you casinonya.info need to visit www.google.com/takeout which will ask for your Google login credentials. Once you are logged into the service, it will show a Create Archive option. When clicked on this option it will start creating the backup of all your data. Once the backup is completed click the Download option.

The backup will be downloaded in a zipped format which is nicely organized in precise folders, so no further sorting has to be done.