When we get a chance of free calling, we wont spare it. While surfing through the net I came across this application which is very cool. Skype is a software which allows us to do free calls from PC to PC and even with smartphones. But when you need to call to any Mobile phone number you need to buy credits for it.

To avail the Skype free Voucher you need to have a valid Skype ID and Facebook ID.

Here we go —

Step 1) Login to Facebook with your ID and like the page of ifeelgoods. This page is the Fan Page of www.ifeelgoods.com which is currently running a promotional campaign. So you can gain credits by liking the page and promote the service offered by them to gain more credits.

Step 2) Click Get Voucher Code and give access to the application from your Facebook ID.

Step 3) Next page you will land up with the promotional code, save it and redeem it.

Step 4) To redeem the credit you will recieve a mail or you can visit the Skype page, do your Skype account login, enter the Skype voucher code and it will be credited to your Skype account in 15 mins.

Enjoy your free talktime with your dear and near ones.