When we use twitter, we see profiles with good follower list. But having a huge follower list is not that easy, until you are a good influencer. You should be too active on social networking platforms to get a good response from the followers. I must also say that it is very difficult to retain the followers.

The most basic rule of twitter is to follow and get followed. While surfing I came across a Twitter application which helps to add followers. This application has various groups of your interest where you choose your own kind of profiles.

Here we go, this tool is Twiends. As you need to do a Twitter login authentication, you will be redirected to the Twiends homepage where you can view the list of users on Twitter. You can customize the preferences accordingly. Don’t forget to follow the golden rule – follow and get followed.

Note: Usage of this tool may block your Twitter account as Twitter does not allow mass follow according to Twitter rules.

Click here to visit Twiends.

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