Being a frequent computer user, I feel the importance of password is very essential. Passwords are the keys to unlock whatever you do in computer. From your machine login access to the world of internet, you need to have a username and a password. You may often think that – is my password secure enough to fight against hackers.


Top 5 ways to make sure your password is secure!!


5. Password Length – Mostly websites accepts the password of 6 characters. But that doesn’t mean your password is strong, when ever you add up one character to your password it adds more security to password. Try to keep the password strength from 12 to 14 characters.


4. Add Creativity – Think and make a password. The sentences you prompt daily like “this world has so beautiful meaning to it” and making the sentence as a password is a bad idea. If you try again to make it creative you could end up with “twhsbmti” or “sdsolgot” that is simple as these are the combination of the first and last alphabets of the sentence.


3. Special Characters – These are symbols which we often used. Special characters work as an add-on to the make the password secure. When you use a-z and 0-9 characters, one can try the alphabets by putting different algorithms to crack it. These special characters are often used to break such algorithms. You can make your password like “time2$W!t)h”. You can make use of tilde (~), curly bracket ({}), percentage (%) etc.


2. Use Uppercase – Most of our passwords would be in lowercase, which increases the risk. This is because when we use our computer, it’s always found that CAPSLOCK is turned off. Try to mix the character in lower and upper case with a pinch of special characters.


1. Avoid Usernames and Continuous Characters – To ease our work we use our usernames and continuous characters like (123456) as our password, which is a wrong practice to do. It’s easily remembered but is called weak passwords, because every one is in a hurry to complete his/her work effortlessly. Never user the usernames and continuous characters as your password.