Sorry guys I was not well so was not able to update my blog. Back to the topic, we all are familiar with Google and its various services we use it daily. Google offers webmail services and its Googlemail more popular name is Gmail, which provides free email services and storage space for all your mails.



Ways to prevent Gmail account from hacking:


1. Phishing: It is often used while hacking. In phishing you will be getting a mail saying that there are some updations going on with the server or some other specific reasons and request you to change the password in the link below. The link which is mentioned below redirects you to the hacker’s website which has the replica of the Gmail page to change the password, once you change the password they get the Email ID and the password easily. Many browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE don’t open phishing websites.


2. Spam Mail: Often you might receive mails which ask for your Gmail ID, banking details and passwords. Never entertain such mails.


3. Suspicious Mails: When you know that particular person is trying to hack your account. Create a filter in Gmail, such that whenever any mails from that particular Email ID or subject comes to your Inbox it is redirected to the Spam folder.


4. Anonymous Web Logins: While surfing the internet, you might have come across many websites which asks for your Gmail login to access or use the website. Never make the login ID with the same Gmail ID passwords. Websites which are not trusted gain access of your Gmail account.


5. Disable Forwarding: There might be possibility that some has started forwarding your mail to his/her ID. To prevent this you need to go to Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP (option) -> disable forwarding and POP/IMAP (by clicking the check box).


6. Check the Last Login Activity: This the most important and the unique Gmail features which lets the user know about the last login activity he/she has done. This is very helpful when you have left open the Gmail account in office or some unsecured place and don’t want anyone to access your information or your mail. There is a SIGN OUT button on it, you need to click on it and it will kill all the other on going sessions.  You can find this options at the bottom of the page with the link called DETAILS and will also show the current IP address.



If anyhow your Gmail account gets hacked you can recover it easily CLICK HERE to check the link.