There is a big competition in the world of Internet. Google has the monopoly in the searches it does in the internet. Google searches your request and customizes your search in such a way that you get what you want.

Recently added a new touch to its searches and that is +1 Button.


What is +1 Button?

+1 Button is a new feature added to the Google Searches. This feature is similar to the Facebook’s Like Me button. If you like the requested Google search results you can click on the +1 button which would be the preferable site for such results.

How does +1 Button works?

When ever you do a search, there will be a +1 button on the right side of the searched result. You simply need to click on the button and add your favorite result to the +1button. You can even +1 to the Google ads results. You will also find the +1 button on the pages you visit.

Advantages of +1Button!

This shows the recommended pages by you to your family, friends and rest of the world. Also, gives you the recommended pages from your family and friends. This makes you Google search so specific and precise. This way you can even promote your blog, websites and even your search results.

How can I start using +1 Button?

As +1 Button is a beta version, you need to activate this feature to your Google account. Click here to start using +1 button to your searches.