Google always tries to give their user a new experience. When Google became the one of the best search engines in the world, it also has to get a new platform where it can be more reliable, can give a good speed and a better performance. That is why, all the Google services like Google Docs, and Google Waves etc works better in Chrome than in other browsers. In a span of time Google Chrome became the second best browser in the world.


By getting more customized tools in one window, Google Chrome is very popular in the market. Chrome Extensions are different tools which are used together while surfing the internet.



Check out the tools for better Google Chrome experience.


1. IE Tab: There is browser fight between Microsoft and Google. Few websites which supports Microsoft Internet Explorer does not open up in Google Chrome and vice-versa. With this extension in Chrome you can open all the websites because it will take all the IE functionality while opening the website.


2. RoboForm Online: Most of the sites ask to create a login ID in their websites, rather than filling the forms again and again you can save your credentials in Roboform. When any site asks for the credential it automatically fills up the form.


3. Google Mail Checker: Often you like to keep the Gmail ID open while you surf the internet. By installing this tool it shows the icon on the address bar and tracks all your receiving mails.


4. Site Advisor: While going through web you will come across many sites which include virus and malware. This extension gives you the site rating and warns you about the suspicious activity in the website.


5. Stay Focused: This tool helps us to stay focused and be productive while you work. By using this tool, you will be restricted to visit the time wasting website.


6. Shareaholic: Allows you to share your link with social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious etc. It gives the options to share your links at one click.


7. Adblock Plus: The advertisements often scare us while we work because we never know which kinds of ads are about to open. This tool will help you to block all the popup and the video ads. It also helps by hiding the annoying images on any website.


8. Awesome Screenshot: It gives the option to select and crop the screenshot of any website. When the image is once captured, you can simply edit or annotate with rectangle or circles.


9. Chromed Bird: Once configured with twitter, it gives you all the twitter updates. It also have an option of Direct Messages, follow and unfollow, you can also create a custom search for your query within it.


10. Google Similar Pages beta: If you are looking for an alternative for your Google searches. When you are not satisfied with your search query, you always have an option to search for similar searches.