Yahoo! downloader

Many of us use email accounts. Without an email ID you can’t even contact anyone in internet. Email ID can be considered as your unique identity in internet until W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) starts issuing Smart-cards or UID’s before you do a Google search.

Last day, while accessing my mails in Yahoo account I came across few mails with attachments, which took a much longer time to download as compared to other email casino online accounts! Till I noticed, while downloading the attachments Yahoo gives a Norton anti-virus pop up to check the attachment contains any virus or not. But when we compose a mail and attach a document, yahoo smart up-loader does an anti-virus scan and full thorough check up is done for any suspicious virus. There are specific files formats which can’t be uploaded as attachments. If your document completes these tests only then you can transmit files.

When anti-virus check is being done at the time of uploading the attachment, then why is the anti-virus scanning done at the time of the downloading? After all it is accessing data from its own database. These are few loop holes which goes unnoticed. Yes, these could be an additional factor which could decrease the usage of Yahoo among users.