If you want to use many applications but hate to install and uninstall after knowing that was not ma cup of tea. This often happens, we install the apps as soon as new version or some new apps comes in the market and we forgot to uninstall after testing the software. These services run in background and pops up at start up, which effect the systems performance.

SAAS (Software as a Service) with its popularity and the availability is mainly used by professionals and individuals. The main use of SAAS is we can get all our data on centralized location and can be accessed from anywhere. We do not have to manually carry the data or applications. Above of all, we face zero downtime until something goes wrong from our end.

Spoon.net is one of the site, which provides software’s on cloud and help us to work on them rather than installing them. It has many productive tools, utilities, apps for social networking and lots of games which could run without installing them. But to run these apps you need to create a login ID and have to install a small plugin as a basic requirement.

You can visit http://spoon.net to start the service.