Android is an open source operating system, introduced by Google based on Linux kernel which handles a core system services. It’s so popular in market because anyone can download the SDK (software development kit) and build up applications for Android and customize according to different tastes and preferences. Android comes with rich development environment, application framework, a lightweight relational database and a huge collection of libraries to develop applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Open Handset Alliance:

Operating System can’t be a success until and unless there is proper hardware, drivers and software support. Google approached the Open Handset Alliance, a place where of several companies online casino came together which include Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, T-Mobile etc. and tried an initiative to develop open standards for mobile devices.

Use in market:

Since, the Operating System is free for development and easy to customize. There is a huge collection of applications available in the market where you can edit your pictures, create a playlist to your music player, add screen widgets and play loads of games. You can get these applications in Google Checkout (this is similar to the Apple’s iTunes App Store). Some developers even offer their applications free. Android updates are available when any modifications are done to the OS for its better performance and security.

Device looks:

Popular Android phones supports large touch screen, which gives a totally different experience after using the QWERTY pad phones. But some phones still give slide QWERTY pad or trackballs to easily navigate the features. Few Phones and Tablets have fast processors which boosts the speed of the applications.

The Key Point:

Android operating system has a wide range of applications and availability which is new to the users. The looks are really cool which makes it more attractive. New design of the mobile phones and tablets with compatible features brings Android a next level of technology.